More on the "Alpenhaus" property

The vineyard's Chalet property was designed around our favorite village Scuol Switzerland in the eastern Engadin Valley near St. Moritz.

About Scoul

Scuol has 23 public fountains which are fed from separate natural artesian wells. Each has a different medicinal value. Some are thermal, some are rich in minerals and others are sparkling with CO2. They are scattered throughout the village. The snows melt on the alps then it takes seven years percolating through the mountains’ mineral veins before it pours out of the wells.

The houses are built of thick stone walls, stucco and timbers. The houses are decorated with sgraffito which is an ancient art form of etching layers of stucco before it dries creating beautiful art decorations on the houses throughout the village.

Each house has a name in Rumantsch which is the local language. This is the closest language to Roman Latin, except as spoken in the Vatican in Italy. There are only 60,000 inhabitants in Switzerland who speak Rumantsch. It is one of the four official languages spoken in Switzerland (French, German, Italian and Rumantsch).

Windhorn & Scoul

Windhorn Vinyard is named “Corna da Vent” which means “Hill of Wind” (or Windy Hill). The word for house is “Chasa” and the word for winery is “Vigna” so the full name of the Chalet is “Chasa da Vigna Corna da Vent”. The house exterior was designed by Dwight Matthews Architect of Flint Hill, VA based on details and photos of houses in Scuol.

This Rumantsch house has a custom-built door to fit into the three foot thick walls. The door was designed by Bruce Beddow and built by Padget Doors in Harrisonburg VA based on the images below.

The photo on the left is a door in Scuol Switzerland and the door on the right is the door at Windhorn Vineyard in Waterford VA. Windhorn Vineyard has been corresponding with a young Architect Ramona Punter in Scuol who specializes in historic renovations of these special buildings.

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